Tracey Black 403-598-7451

Tracey Black 403-598-7451

Tracey Black 403-598-7451Tracey Black 403-598-7451

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Please note that if you have a scheduled appointment and are experiencing a sore throat, cough or fever, have travelled internationally in the last 2 weeks or have been exposed to COVID-19 please reschedule your appointment or change to a phone or online session

My office takes cleanliness very seriously and do a deep clean daily with regular disinfecting after each client.  We ask that you use the available hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands upon entry and exit of our office.


As a Registered Social Worker holding a Master of Arts Degree I have been fortunate to gain 25 years of experience as a Counsellor, Instructor, Investigator and  a Leader both in the private and public sector. With these roles, I have had the great opportunity to provide counselling and learning to people of all ages and stages of life,  organizations such as Schools, Health Care and in the business sector.  

Empowerment results in a healthier person  who is making constructive choices, is understanding oneself, has increased  motivation, increased social skills and healthier relationships. 

Creating counselling environments for  individuals, couples, and groups that result in taking the steps forward is my priority.

In addition to providing counselling, I specialize in investigative services, interest based mediation and team building for organizations and licensing bodies throughout the country.  I am certified as a Specialized Investigator with CLEAR and have multiple years conducting investigations, teaching investigation training and providing effective team building strategies and programs.

Specialized and Trained In:   

Gottman Marriage Therapy Level 1/2 , Mediation, Solution Focused Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Emotion Focused, Strength Based Counselling, SAFE Home Assessments, Working in Systems, Depression Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Intelligence, Narrative Therapy,   Crisis Management, Emergency Disaster Management, Team Building, Change Management, Trauma Care & Assessment, Play Therapy, Psychotherapy, Domestic  Violence Counselling, Leadership guidance, Cognitive screening for seniors, Caregiver  Support and Ethics, Work or School Harassment and Bullying, SAFE Home Assessments and Investigations

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The Following Rates Apply:

Individual Sessions: 

Regular Rates: 160.00/hour

Marriage or Couple Therapy: 

Regular Rates: 160.00/hour or 220.00/90 minute session

*If you are a Student or Senior discounts apply

*If you are requiring a sliding scale for other financial reasons please advice upon booking your appointment.

Team/Organizational/Project Rates: 

Flat Rate applies to projected time frame and will be discussed and negotiated

SAFE Home Assessments (Guardianship, Adoption, Kinship) Rates: 

30 hour are typically required and a flat rate is applied to projected time and any additional hours to be discussed and negotiated


Rate and expenses will be negotiated upon a contract being developed

Mediation services provided for interest based issues.  Rates: 160.00/person/hour.  


Pre-mediation session for both parties 1 hour/person

Mediation session is booked within 2 weeks and is 2 hours

Direct billing for Homewood and Arete available

Empowering You


Areas of Speciality

Areas of Speciality

Areas of Speciality

Narrative Therapy

Gottman Level 1/2

Solution Focused Therapy


Crisis / Emergency Response

Team Building

Change Management

Threat Assessment

Play Therapy

Psychotherapy - Groups

Domestic Violence/Abuse


Cognitive Screening for Seniors

Ego-Centered Therapy






Areas of Speciality

Areas of Speciality

All age groups



Health Care

Business Sector

Individual Sessions


Licensing Bodies



Areas of Speciality



SAFE Home Assessments (Guardianship, Kinship and Adoption)

Stress Management

Grief Counselling

Caregiver Support

Divorce/Separation Counselling

Self Care

Communication Barriers

Crisis Management 



Team Building





Depression , Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis

Depression , Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis

Depression , Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Situations can occur in the workplace, home or other.  Through counselling, I am able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events.  

I can help you through counseling to overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing.  


Work Place

Depression , Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis

Depression , Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis

In organizations, people will experience unsafe working enviornments, peer issues or stress related concerns.  I can assist with project management, education workshops, strategies that assist in creating a safer working environment.

Team building is key when looking for efficancy, creativity and success.  I can provide strategites in team building, creating mission and vision statements along with goal setting that will get your organization to the next level.

 I am trained in Investigations with the Council of Licensure, Enforcement and Regulations and will provide  you or your organization with a detailed and professional investigation that is unbiased, fair and based on fact.



Depression , Anxiety, Trauma and Crisis


I can assist in strengthening all relationships you may have.  Whether you struggle with communication, boundaries or emotions, I can assist you by providing tools that may be helpful in overcoming these barriers.

Relationships can be individual, work place or other and can be complicated.  

If you or your family, organization, spouse/partner or children need assistance in creating a more effective relationship I can provide you with the tools you need within counselling sessions. 


Empowering You Every Step Of The Way

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